Services / Dienste

  • Property Law / Eiendomsreg

    Let us assist you with the transfer of your property, the drafting of contracts of sale and other property related matters.

  • Wills & Estates / Testamente en Boedels

    We can assist with the drafting (or amending) of your will, or with the administration of a deceased estate.

  • Estate Planning, Trusts & Tax / Boedelbeplanning, Trusts en Belasting

    We can advise and assist you with the drafting and registering of a trust, or the amending of an already registered trust. We can offer advice as regards to your estate planning needs and the tax implications associated therewith.

  • Family Law / Familiereg

    Getting married? Contact us to advise you on the different matrimonial property systems available to you, and let us register an antenuptial contract on your behalf.

  • Commercial Law / Kommersiële Reg

    We can assist with the drafting of contracts, structuring or restructuring of your business or any other commercial needs.

  • Curatorships / Kuratorskappe

    When a person is no longer able to manage their financial affairs, whether due to old age, illness or addiction a curator bonis may be appointed by the High Court to manage the financial affairs of such a person. A curator bonis will then be authorised to act on behalf of such a person.

    It is important to remember that a Power of Attorney is only valid if the person who has granted such a Power of Attorney is mentally capable of withdrawing it. If not, the Power of Attorney is invalid and any person acting in terms thereof will be acting contrary to the law. Therefore, should any person no longer be capable to manage their own affairs, any Power of Attorney granted by them is not valid.

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